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FEMA Index

  • Name   CAS No.   FEMA No.
Introduction of the FEMA database:

The flavor database is collected and created by the experts of the Chemnet. There are more than 5,000 kinds of flavor in it and more than 1500 of them are permitted or temporary permitted to use in China. It contains information on their physicochemical properties, applications, dosages and so on. The database will be updated in time.

Name: orange peel oil sweet c.p. brazil
CAS: 8008-57-9
FEMA No.: 2825
Synonyms Citrus sinensis Oil; Citrus sinensis peel extract; Neroli Oil; Neroli oil, pommade; Oil ofOrange Flowers; Oil, origanum; Oils, orange, sweet; Oil sweet orange; Orange flower oil; Orange leaf oil; Orange Oil; Orange oil expressed; Orange oil sweet; Orange oil, sweet, expressed; Orange peel oil terpeneless; Orange peel sweet extract; Orange sweet oil, expressed; Sweet orange oil;
CAS Registry Number 8008-57-9
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